Decorated Magnetic Clothespins

After our previous post on clothespins, it’s obvious the wooden clips have a multitude of uses. We added our creation to the mix using leftover scrapbook paper, acrylic paint, and magnets. What’s great is the versitility of our Decorated Magnetic Clothespins. You can use them to hang photos, cards, and reminders on the refrigerator. Or hang them ’empty’ on the refrigerator until you need to clip something closed (a bag of chips, perhaps?). They can help you organize kids’ homework or spice up your holiday decorations.

What will you use your Decorated Magnetic Clothespins for? Let’s Get Creative!

  • wooden clothespins
  • leftover scrapbook paper
  • acrylic paint and brush
  • magnet strips
  • strong glue
  • Xacto knife

Select scrapbook paper pieces and coordinating paint colors. Paper needs to be large enough to fit across the length of the clothespin.

Paint the entire clothespin using desired acrylic paint. Let dry.

After paint is try, squeeze a thin line of glue-all vertically along the flat length of the clothespin. Adhere to back side of scrapbook paper, preferable along the edge to minimize cutting. Let dry.

Use your Xacto knife to cut the paper along the edge of the clothespin. Take caution around the pin’s spring.

Secure the magnet on the reverse side of the clothespin from the scrapbook paper. Let dry.

We used our pins to hang notes and cards on a magnetic surface. How will you use yours? Let us know in the comments below!


5 Clothespin DIY Projects

Clothespins are relatively cheap ($2-$4 / bag) and so perfect for crafting! We found six creative and practical ways to use clothespins in your next crafting project. Today we’re giving you instructions on five projects. Check back on Friday for a step-by-step photo tutorial of our favorite clothespin project.

Halloween Clothespins | via Nap Time Journal
For this spooky project, tie coordinating ribbon to colored clothespins (or spray paint the classics) and embellish with haunting stickers. Read more on Nap Time Journal’s blog.

Secure a Boutonniere with a Clothespin | via Bridal Musings
Keep the pins away from your groomsmen or homecoming date by attaching the flower to a clothespin first. Secure the flower to the flat side of the clothespin using floral tape. Learn more from Bridal Musings

Hang Holiday Cards in Garland | via Martha Stuart
Spruce up the clothespins first by covering the visible side with scrapbook or wrapping paper. Clip the clothespins to a wide ribbon strung along your bannister garland. Then clip in the holiday cards to display. Read more from Martha Stuart.

Create a Decorative Mirror | via Design Sponge
Clip clothespins around a circular mirror and secure at the clip using hot glue. Add a photo hanger on the back of the mirror to mount on the wall. Loop a ribbon at the top to add a pop of color and to mask your hanging method. Learn more details from Design Sponge.

Hang up a Clothespin Lamp | via Young House Love
Create a cylinder using wire fencing. Clip clothespins in a desired pattern around the wire material. Hang around a bare bulb to illuminate to room and draw the eye upward. Get more details from Young House Love.

Did you make something different with clothespins? Share it here or on our Facebook page.
Make sure to check back Friday for another clothespin craft. 

Corner Bookmark

Tired of constantly losing your place in a novel? You use a bookmark, but it always seems to sneak out the bottom? With this corner bookmark, you can see your place before you even pick up the book. Let’s get started:

You’ll need:

Cut out the Corner Bookmark Template on the solid lines.
Use it to trace an outline on the card stock paper.
Cut out the template shape from the card stock paper. Lay the cut-out card stock down, with triangle 1 at the top and triangle 2 on the left (numbers correspond to the template).
Fold triangle 1 down, so the point is in the bottom left corner of the square. Take triangle 2 and fold toward the right, so it overlaps triangle 1. Set aside.
Return to the Corner Bookmark Template. Take triangle 2 and fold back along the dotted line, so the triangle is hidden behind the square. Use this revised template to trace an outline on scrapbook paper (ignoring triangle 2).
Refer to the dotted line on the template and cut the scrapbook paper to separate the triangle from the square.  Glue the scrapbook paper square to the inside of the card stock square.
Fold down triangle 1 and place glue on top.
Fold over triangle 2, securing it to triangle 1. (Make sure there is space for a book page between the square and triangle.) Finally, take the triangle of scrapbook paper and glue it to the newly pasted triangle of card stock.
Viola! The bookmark fits perfectly on the corner of your favorite novel.
Was this helpful? Are you interested in more? Let us know in the comments below.
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