Sewing an Infinity Scarf

Despite my attempts to keep autumn here forever, we had our first snow last night. My intention was to make the infinity scarf as a transition-from-fall-to-winter DIY project. Apparently mother nature had other plans!

The scarf is simple to make on a sewing machine (I did my fair share of hand stitching for the DIY Greek Lettered Shirts!). And, depending on the fabric you select, can be worn as a decorative or keep-warm scarf! Instructions for wearing the scarf are included at the end.

Let’s Get Creative!


Themed Photo Frame

How often do you change the photos you display? This themed photo frame allows you to change photos to reflect the upcoming holiday or season. Here’s what you’ll need:

picture frame accompanied by a mat
scrapbook or patterned paper (at least as large as the mat)
scissors or Xacto knife

Lay your paper pattern side down. Place the mat on top of the paper. Trace around the outside of the mat and inside the picture window. Use scissors or an Xacto knife to cut along the outer line on the patterned paper.

Use your knife to cut out the inner rectangle. If using scissors, draw an X inside the small rectangle. Cut along the X first. Then cut away the rest of the rectangle.

Using clear tape, secure the patterned paper (pattern side up) to the mat.

Flip mat pattern side down. Select a photo that fits your theme and secure it inside the small rectangle with tape.

Place the mat inside the frame and display prominently. Repeat steps with a different pattern to reflect a change in holiday or season.

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