7 DIY Holiday Ornaments

With Thanksgiving a week away, we’ve been itching to start crafting for the holidays. On Friday we’ll post 2 simple paper and ribbon ornaments with photo instructions. But to hold you over until then, here are 7 DIY Holiday ornaments from our friends on Pinterest. Happy Crafting!

Christmas Ornament, Popsicle Stick Christmas TreePopsicle Stick Ornament from Kaboose : Paint popsicle sticks brown and green. Glue in the shape of a tree, breaking sticks to create the shape. Decorate with gems and tinsel.

Christmas Wish List, Christmas OrnamentThread Spool Christmas List from Craft Snob : Paint a wooden spool and cover with paper. Add the child’s wish list for the year.

DIY Globe OrnamentPaper Strip Ornament from Better Homes and Gardens : Make photocopies of music and cut into strips. Curl and place inside a glass ball ornament.

DIY Ornament, Scrabble Tile CraftsScrabble Ornament from My Sweet Savannah : Use a saw to cut the tile holders to fit the length of the word. Use hot glue to hold the letters in place. Add a wire hanger to finish.

Polaroid Ornament, Christmas Photo OrnamentPolaroid Ornament from Katie Cupcake : Using a 9″ by 4.25″ rectangle of felt fold into a square and sew the two outside edges. Cut out a window for your photo. Insert photo and sew to close.

Baby's First Christmas, DIY ornamentBaby’s First Ornament from A Sorta Fairytale : Place baby’s hand in clear ink and press on ornament. Sprinkle the ink mark with glitter and use heat gun to seal.

Cookie Cutter Ornament, Holiday OrnamentCookie Cutter Photo Ornament from Martha Stuart : Place cookie cutter on top of photo or patterned paper and trace around outside. Cut out shape. Place glue on edges of cookie cutter and secure to paper. Add ribbon to finish.

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