Bottle Cap Magnets

Raid your craft supply bin! This tiny craft uses a little bit of this and that. Feel free to substitute certain supplies for others, depending on what you have in your stash. Let’s get creative!

To make bottle cap magnets, you will need:Bottle Cap Magnet

  • bottle caps
  • acrylic paint (if you want to cover the bottle cap)
  • stickers (stickers with a 3-D bevel work best)
  • foam sheet
  • magnets (strip or sheet)
  • super glue
  • scissors

Lay the bottle cap on the foam sheet, top-down. Trace around the underside of the cap with a pencil.

Bottle Cap Magnet

Cut out the circle from the foam.

Bottle Cap Magnet

Test the size of the circle – it should fit inside the bottle cap. Trim to fit, if necessary.

Bottle Cap Magnet

Use superglue to secure the foam circle inside the bottle cap.

Bottle Cap Magnet

Press with your thumb to secure.

Bottle Cap Magnet

Choose a sticker to fit inside the bottle cap and place it in the center.

Bottle Cap Magnet

Flip the bottle cap over, so the top is facing up. Cut a small square of magnet to fit on top of the bottle cap.

Bottle Cap Magnet

Fasten the magnet with a small dot of super glue. (If the dot of glue is too big, it will ooze out the edges – not pretty.)

bottle cap magnet

After the glue dries, test your bottle cap magnet on a magnetic surface. Repeat all steps to create a collection of bottle cap magnets.

Bottle Cap Magnets

What do you have in your junk drawer? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll post a craft about it.
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