Corner Bookmark

Tired of constantly losing your place in a novel? You use a bookmark, but it always seems to sneak out the bottom? With this corner bookmark, you can see your place before you even pick up the book. Let’s get started:

You’ll need:

Cut out the Corner Bookmark Template on the solid lines.
Use it to trace an outline on the card stock paper.
Cut out the template shape from the card stock paper. Lay the cut-out card stock down, with triangle 1 at the top and triangle 2 on the left (numbers correspond to the template).
Fold triangle 1 down, so the point is in the bottom left corner of the square. Take triangle 2 and fold toward the right, so it overlaps triangle 1. Set aside.
Return to the Corner Bookmark Template. Take triangle 2 and fold back along the dotted line, so the triangle is hidden behind the square. Use this revised template to trace an outline on scrapbook paper (ignoring triangle 2).
Refer to the dotted line on the template and cut the scrapbook paper to separate the triangle from the square.  Glue the scrapbook paper square to the inside of the card stock square.
Fold down triangle 1 and place glue on top.
Fold over triangle 2, securing it to triangle 1. (Make sure there is space for a book page between the square and triangle.) Finally, take the triangle of scrapbook paper and glue it to the newly pasted triangle of card stock.
Viola! The bookmark fits perfectly on the corner of your favorite novel.
Was this helpful? Are you interested in more? Let us know in the comments below.
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